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Is Alba Power OEM-approved?

No. Unlike many of our competitors, we have chosen to remain independent and not become approved by the OEMs. This has no impact on the quality of our work – indeed we have fully accredited status to ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO18001 and we are approved by a number of companies and organisations, including independent customers, FPAL and ISNetworld.

How can Alba Power compete with OEM support?

Our sole rationale is to extend the life of gas turbine packages that our customers have in service. We have invested heavily in Olympus and Avon parts and accessories – holding the world’s largest stock of spare parts – anticipating the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) fading support for legacy turbines and effectively servicing systems that would otherwise become obsolete.

This has a significant positive impact on customer service due to the flexibility in our approach and because we do not have to pay a licence fee to the OEM, we can pass this cost saving onto our customers.

What specification do you work to?

All of our team have extensive experience of working to standard industry specifications, and all Alba Power operations are carried out to these same standards. We have also pioneered industry-leading innovative repair schemes to minimise downtime and deliver added value.

What warranty do I get?

We operate an industry-leading warranty cover which is specifically suited to client operational requirements.

Do you use OEM parts, and where do you get your spares?

Alba Power supplies original manufacturer parts where required, both new and overhauled, but we can also supply quality-assured alternative parts sourced from approved vendors. We also stock rotable exchange engines and parts purchased from excess customer inventory stock.

How does Alba Power’s cost-effectiveness deliver value for money to the customer?

We pay no license fee to the OEM, and we revitalise overhauled turbine parts with full service history, traceability and certificates of conformity as appropriate from our extensive inventory of overhauled components. Alba Power works hard to source turbine components to generate tangible savings which can be passed on to the client, as well as keeping overheads to a manageable level.

We’ve never used you before – what do we need to know about you?

Our business helps customers reduce costs by providing high quality overhauls, upgrades to existing technology, repairs, spare parts and field services for mechanical and existing and new controls support, as well as contractual long term service agreements and tailor made design solutions to satisfy specific customer requirements. We also have state-of-the-art gas turbine testing facilities and a 24 hour service support helpline. 

With our main purpose-built workshop facilities strategically located to service the North Sea offshore market, we have also successfully developed the business globally and are currently active in the USA/Canada, UAE, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia, mostly recently opening a base in Houston, USA.

What experience does your staff have, and to what specifications do you test your engines?

Alba Power personnel have over 450 years of high-level gas turbine experience with both OEMs and independent service providers.

We have a 100% test success rate, and have developed test tolerances that are more stringent than an OEM’s to achieve maximum reliability and availability in the field.