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Alba Power operates a 14-acre purpose-built facility, turbine and marine tyne engine test facility which features an industry-leading Allen Bradley digital control system. The facility includes a custom-built gas turbine workshop and stores complex, supported by liquid/gas/dual-fuel facilities.

The engine test bed is fully configured for both Avon and Olympus turbine engines and Rolls-Royce Marine Tyne turbines and specialises in accelerated test programmes to rapid timescales using innovative quick-fit mounting frames designed by our own test engineers. The test-bed facility also includes other technical innovations developed in-house. The start process is driven by a silent on-engine electric starter which makes for a smoother warm-up cycle than when conventional battery-driven starters are used. The digital turbine control system includes self-documenting software to capture large amounts of raw data from the engine test parameters in order to generate a comprehensive test report summary.

Other prominent features of the engine test-bed include:

  • Liquid/gas/dual fuel facilities.
  • A fully-automated off-engine fuel control system.
  • Variety of client witness options available.
  • Extended run option available.
  • Test-only option available.
  • Test facilities assessed for and carry full Quality Accreditation to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Test facilities fully CAA-approved.
  • Highly detailed test certification report for in-depth analysis.

“Updates on progress were consistent and adherence to the schedule was outstanding.”
Power Generation, Africa