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Gas Turbine Services

Alba Power specialises in gas turbine services for Rolls Royce (Avon and Olympus, RB211), Pratt & Whitney, Kongsberg KG2 and Solar Turbines. We provide a wide range of options for clients including field service, tooling supply and rental, inspection, repair and overhaul. With quality being a key priority for us, our clients and the industry, we also offer expert balancing, performance testing, modification and upgrades as full maintenance contracts. In addition, we can also provide clients with complete package supply, lease and/or exchange of assets as well as zero houred and refurbished turbine supply.

Our full range of services provides our clients with exceptional customer service, particularly in the areas of reduced downtime and cost control and efficient and speedy repair across global asset locations. We are fully transparent with our clients, and give them full visibility of projects, giving them peace of mind and confidence in Alba Power.

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“Alba Power is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the maintenance, repair and overhaul world”
Power Generation, UK