Marine gas turbine maintenance, repair and overhaul

We bring our outstanding product knowledge and depth of experience with industrial gas turbines, and apply them to the marine propulsion industry.

Our capability extends across the Rolls-Royce marine Spey SM1A, SM1C, Tyne, WR-21 and Mk 2017 Olympus. We work in partnership with Rolls-Royce to deliver exceptional service, maximise engine uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

We are proud to be the exclusive provider of maintenance services for marine gas turbines used on Royal Navy warships. These engines power naval vessels during warfighting, peace keeping and maritime security operations around the world.

When it comes to marine gas turbines, we understand the needs of the naval defence sector. Optimising the performance and availability of critical marine propulsion equipment is our priority. We deliver the highest standards of service, quality and safety in everything we do.

The Industrial Olympus

The industrial aero-derivative Olympus gas generator entered service in 1962. By the 1990s more than 320 generating sets powered by the industrial Olympus had been sold to more than 20 countries. Around 125 units remain in service today, producing energy for the global power generation industry.

The marine version of the Olympus engine has been used for marine propulsion since the 1970s. It is installed on naval fleets to provide cruising power and boost propulsion in combat situations.

“we have demonstrated that we can bring innovative, cost-effective gas turbine solutions to the global market”


Dependable experience

In 2013, we strengthened our capability and introduced marine gas turbines to our service portfolio. But the skills, experience and know-how we apply to this equipment dates back more than 26 years.

Marine gas turbines are in safe hands within our dedicated 7,500 sq ft facility in the UK. It is equipped with the full range of specialist tooling and state of the art technologies you would expect from a world-leading service provider.

We are the dependable partner of choice to help lower the cost of ownership of marine gas turbines.

Exceptional service for marine gas turbines

At RWG, we provide full maintenance, repair and overhaul support within our state of the art gas turbine facilities.

Component repair is our specialty and our in-house technology is second to none. We offer a comprehensive suite of repairs and processes that enhance the service life of marine gas turbine components.

And we’ll demonstrate the integrity of marine equipment before it is returned to service within our in-house gas turbine test facility in the UK.