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Turbine App

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new Alba Power Turbine support App which allows owners, operators and clients to access immediate and full support for all makes and models of Gas Turbines.

It gives you the ability to access basic engine data for Avon and Olympus units, gain support for engine performance, get real time spares support with innovative image capture, report a problem and access immediate support with image capture benefits to save time, request parts for units as emergency or routine stock replacement and gain access to industry leading support and service. Using GPS to pinpoint your current location to assist delivery and time zone requests, it is a handy problem solving tool with real time response and support.

This is the world’s first Gas Turbine hand held support device, providing access to useful information and support and most importantly allowing Alba Power to improve our response and support times leading to reliability and availability. Once logged you in gain access to all that Alba Power can offer, no matter the time, location or engine type. To download the App, go to and looks out for additional upgrades in the future!