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Industrial Olympus gas generator maintenance, repair and overhaul

When it comes to industrial Olympus gas generators, there is no other service provider with our depth of experience and expertise.

For more than 26 years, we have been helping the world’s industrial Olympus fleet operate safely and reliably. We have successfully serviced close to 400 engines within our dedicated maintenance facility in the UK. And we are the only company with OEM approval to support your industrial Olympus equipment.

Our capability extends across all models of industrial Olympus engines, as well as associated SK power turbines.

The Industrial Olympus

The industrial aero-derivative Olympus gas generator entered service in 1962. By the 1990s more than 320 generating sets powered by the industrial Olympus had been sold to more than 20 countries. Around 125 units remain in service today, producing energy for the global power generation industry.

The marine version of the Olympus engine has been used for marine propulsion since the 1970s. It is installed on naval fleets to provide cruising power and boost propulsion in combat situations.

we have demonstrated that we can bring innovative, cost-effective gas turbine solutions to the global market


Rely on our experience

From repair and overhaul in our state of the art service centre, to worldwide field support in any operating environment, we are here to support your industrial Olympus power generation equipment.

We have a dedicated team of Olympus specialists, whose product knowledge is unrivalled in the industry. With our technical know-how and streamlined workshop processes, we’ll overhaul your engine in under 16 weeks.

Whatever your requirement, you can trust us to help lower the cost of ownership of your equipment.

Gas generator advance exchange

We provide an advance exchange option for operators who don’t have the luxury of time or rotable assets within their fleet. Typically, this service requires assembly and configuration of an exchange gas generator in advance of a planned maintenance event.

We’ll ship the replacement engine to you ready for immediate exchange and matched to your site specific configuration. Our service option can include installation and commissioning to minimise plant downtime and let you resume business operations with minimal disruption.

Marine Olympus gas turbine maintenance, repair and overhaul

We strengthened our engine capability in 2016 with the addition of the Mk 2017 Olympus marine gas turbine. In partnership with the OEM, we provide engine repair and overhaul, performance testing and component repair for these gas turbines which power vessels operating throughout the world.

Full scope of service for your industrial Olympus

As an RWG customer, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive maintenance, repair, overhaul and performance testing capabilities. Our technologically innovative component repair solutions are designed to enhance the service life of industrial Olympus components. And we can meet your spare parts, inventory management, exchange engine and field support needs.