After years of heavy investment, Alba Power is proud to have built up the world’s largest stockholding – with over three million line items – of spare parts, components and consumables for Avon and Olympus gas turbines and Rolls-Royce Marine Tyne turbines for Navy Type 42 Destroyers and Type 22 Frigates, all with full service history, traceability and certificate of conformity as appropriate.

This extensive stock-holding not only underpins the company’s long-term commitment to dedicated turbine overhaul and repair services, but is also available to customers worldwide to support their own long-term maintenance programmes.

We are delighted to offer spare parts and equipment as part of our award winning service offering, providing 24/7 high quality care to our clients across the globe.

“The replacement and commissioning within 10 days of receiving the order is impressive.”

Power Generation, West Indies